Marine Fish Foods

  • Brine Shrimp, Mysis Shrimp, Gamma Fish, Gamma Shrimp, ClamsFrozen Foods
    • cockle - feed to bigger fishes unless you chop it up,
    • mussel - a bit messy, but smaller fishes will eat the scraps,
    • gamma fish - whole fish for the larger inhabitant,
    • shrimp
      • brineshrimp - not very nutritious, however often a good food to wean picky feeders,
      • mysis shrimp - more nutritious than brine, but the exoskeleton can be too hard for smaller fishes,
      • gamma shrimp - similar size to the mysis shrimp, but with a much softer exoskeleton - a tasty treat,
    • clam - some fishes need to acquire a taste for it.
  • Dry Foods
    • marine flake - a good food with added vitamins - feed occasionally
    • dried marine algae and seaweeds - for all those herbivores, Tangs, Angels, Blennies etc., also accepted by many other fishes - even my Dwarf Lionfish (strange)
  • Household Foods
    • lettuce - place in boiling water for about 30 seconds to make it easy for your fish to eat
    • spinach - another favorite for herbivorous fishes
    • peas - accepted by many fishes
    • prawns - fish love them - ensure that they're not seasoned if buying from a supermarket

The above list is not definitive - however it does show the variety of foods that can be offered. The combination of good water quality, plus a good feeding regime will provide you with healthy disease free livestock and many hours of pleasure from your aquarium inhabitants.

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