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Water Quality In Marine Systems

Below is a guide to what your general water quality parameters should be. Aquariums with poor water quality will cause inhabitants to become more prone to disease.

Environmental Parameters

  • Fish Only Systems
    • temperature 24°C to 27°C
    • salinity 1.022 to 1.026, whatever your salinity in this range, being constant is most important
    • pH 8.3
    • ammonia 0 ppm, may increase during feeding, but should drop to 0 ppm within 2-3 hours
    • nitrite 0 ppm, may increase during feeding, but should drop to 0 ppm within 2-3 hours
    • nitrate up to about 50 ppm, but have seen healthy live stock in a well stocked system of 150 ppm (included Tangs, Butterflies and Angels, but I would not recommend it)
  • Invertebrate Systems
    • temperature 24°C
    • salinity 1.024
    • pH 8.3
    • ammonia 0 ppm
    • nitrite 0 ppm
    • nitrate up to about 10 - 15 ppm, but the closer to zero the better
    • calcium 400 - 420 ppm
    • phosphate 0 ppm is best, but not easy to achieve
  • Recommended Extra Equipment
    • protein skimmer (essential)
    • uv steriliser (recommended)
    • osmolator (recommended for invertebrate systems, but may by all means be used in fish only systems)
    • ozone generator (if you feel the need)

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