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Feeding Malawi Cichlids

If you've never been eaten out of house and home by a few fishes before - be prepared - as these little guys will do just that. They are greedy and will never miss a meal when offered. Most Malawi Cichlids are good feeders - so starvation with these creatures is rarely an issue -…
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Fish Care and Feeding While on Vacation

If you are worried about leaving your fish behind when you go on vacation, there’s no need to, as long as you plan ahead of time. You should find time to get things in order so you can have a stress-free and relaxing vacation. Fish Feeding Fish can survive for several weeks without food. Some…
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6 Healthiest Live Food Choices for Betta Fish

Bettas feed on a wide variety of fresh or frozen foods. However, they can also be notoriously picky. Luckily, there are many dietary options for betta fish that you can choose from. Bettas are carnivorous and thrive well on live tasty treats such as worms, crustaceans, and small insects. (more…)
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