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Majestic/Bluegirdled Angelfish | Euxiphipops navarchus

Like most other marine angelfish this species is another true beauty. One could say that it runs in the family. Adult and juvenile Majestic Angels (Euxiphipops navarchus) also known as the Bluegirdled Angel differ greatly in coloration. This above pictured specimen has begun its transformation into the adult color pattern. A complete juvenile has no…
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(Finally) A How-To on Angelfish Reef Aquariums

In creating a truly sustainable and enduring marine environment, it’s not uncommon for a reef aquarium owner to feel suddenly besieged. Looking at all the filtration setups, pumps, bubble machines, heaters, coolers, fish tank stands and fish tanks out there – it’s easy to get knocked back on your heels. If only someone could consolidate…
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Flame Angelfish | Centropyge loriculus

Saltwater fish really have to compete with each other for attention. When just about everything in the tank has bright colors, bizarre tentacles, elaborate fins, or dangerous spines, simply being beautiful isn’t going to cut it. One fish that doesn’t have to try very hard is the flame angelfish. These vibrant fish have an almost…
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