Feeding Malawi Cichlids

Lettuce, Flake FoodIf you've never been eaten out of house and home by a few fishes before - be prepared - as these little guys will do just that. They are greedy and will never miss a meal when offered. Most Malawi Cichlids are good feeders - so starvation with these creatures is rarely an issue - unless being continuously bullied into hiding.

You can feed your fish either once or twice per day. It is advisable however to feed young fish small amounts at least twice a day to ensure good growth. If conditioning a breeding pair - again twice per feedings and good quality foods will be advantageous. Lake Malawi's are not fussy when it comes to foods being offered.

They will accept:

  • Dry Foods
    • flakes, pellets, veg. based pellets/flakes, dried algae strips, plus most other dry foods.
  • Meaty Foods
    • beef, beef heart or any other red meat. If feeding liver - it can cloud the water!
  • Frozen Foods
    • cockle, mussel, fish chunks, shrimp (mysis, brine, gamma).
  • From the Fridge
    • lettuce, spinach, peas, cucumber.

The above list is not definitive - however it does show the variety of foods that can be offered. Variety is also important in the fishes diet and should be offered. This will ensure good health as well as many broods of young. Yes Malawi's are very prolific when it comes to their spawning patterns. A fair number will spawn readily in captivity without any great effort on the aquarists part. If good water quality parameters are present and a good feeding regime implemented many species will produce young time after time.