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It's A Woman's Life In The Marines

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Marion's TankPondering the mysteries of the universe one evening (you know how one does), a thought crossed my mind ... WOMEN! (Now chaps, don't get too excited!) Just why is it that so few women get involved with the marine side of the aquarium hobby? The question was a serious one and did not elicit a ready answer. I'm not talking about the wornan who helps her partner lug the odd bucket around at water change time but the 100% committed hobbyist. Think about it for a moment, see how many you know; not that many, if any, I would care to venture. A strange situation, indeed.
Is there a reason why more women should not get involved, or does the hobby hold so little attraction? Who better to ask than some of those few already firmly involved. A look at their fishkeeping history rnight also furnish some clues. So with that in mind I set off to interview four likely candidates in what turned out to be one of the most interesting assignments I'd undertaken in a long time,

Getting To The Roots

Freshwater Plants - Plants
There's a huge amount of interest in freshwater planted aquaria at the moment. We begin a new series in the January issue of Practical Fishkeeping looking at all aspects of planted tanks, and the author has some interesting and radical suggestions for setting up planted aquaria without necessarily using the full range of equipment - CO2 gas, heating cables, and dedicated lighting...

Dissolved Oxygen

Marine Topics - Water Quality
Nudibranch - The nudibranch has external feathery gills on its backIt would be true to say that the majority of aquarists never test for dissolved oxygen (02). Nevertheless, oxygen is an extremely important gas and essential for the survival of the vast majority of livestock that we keep. This is, of course, most evident in fish, which draw oxygenated water in through their mouths, passing it over oxygen extracting membranes within the gills and expelling the depleted water out through the gill slits.

Marine Fish Foods

Marine Topics - Marine Foods and Feeding
  • Brine Shrimp, Mysis Shrimp, Gamma Fish, Gamma Shrimp, ClamsFrozen Foods
    • cockle - feed to bigger fishes unless you chop it up,
    • mussel - a bit messy, but smaller fishes will eat the scraps,
    • gamma fish - whole fish for the larger inhabitant,
    • shrimp
      • brineshrimp - not very nutritious, however often a good food to wean picky feeders,
      • mysis shrimp - more nutritious than brine, but the exoskeleton can be too hard for smaller fishes,
      • gamma shrimp - similar size to the mysis shrimp, but with a much softer exoskeleton - a tasty treat,
    • clam - some fishes need to acquire a taste for it.

Big Fish for The Marine Aquarium!

Clown Trigger Fish (Balistoides conspicillum) One type of marine aquarium never fails to create a stir, the fish-only tank containing BIG fish! The sight of large slices of brightly coloured piscine flesh cruising around an equally spacious aquarium is enough to make anyone's heart beat a little quicker.


The Micro Shrimp Tank

Blood Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) Most of my regular readers will already be aware that, on the whole, I do not condone small marine tanks; that is, tanks with a nett volume of less than 20 gallons (91 litres). They are usually very unstable as far as water parameters are concerned and subsequently exert...


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