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Tropical Marine Blennies

Marine Fish - Blennies
Algae Blenny (Salarius fasciatus) Family: Blennidae

Sooner or later, the serious marine aquarist cannot fail to come upon these endlessly fascinating and endearing group of fishes. Their curious habits and occasional brightly coloured appearance have continued to make them a firm favourite with reef and fish-only keepers alike.

Blennies are found in seas all over the world. They are particularly abundant in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate waters. Indeed, there are over 300 species included in the family Blennidae alone, with another 400 in closely associated genera. The largest rarely exceed 10cm in length and are therefore ideally suited for life in the aquarium. Newcomers will find the majority of specimens an ideal first choice and many can be recommended without hesitation.

Marine Hobbyist Beginner FAQs

Marine Topics - FAQs
GaribaldiQ1) Is marine fishkeeping difficult?

A) There is no straight yes or no to this question but It need not be difficult if approached in the right way. As with other pet hobbies, a certain amount of preparation is required before investing in costly hardware and livestock. Read books on the subject. Go to your local library, surf the internet for information, ask friends who are already involved in the hobby. Decide if it is REALLY for you. Marine aquaria require regular maintenance which, if ignored, will make life for you and your pets very problematic. After all, you would not buy a dog with the intention of NEVER taking it for a walk! It is a daily activity that the majority of owners thoroughly enjoy. Marine fishkeeping is very much like that. There are regular tasks to be performed and if you are going to despise them, then there is no point in taking up the hobby. (Stamp collecting is much easier and does not involve the potential loss of valuable livestock!).

Although there are a number of skills involved, these are easily and quickly learnt by almost anyone who is enthusiastic enough. Never assume that you will be unable to cope because you are “not clever enough”. With a modicum of common sense, almost anyone can make a success of the hobby.

Common Saltwater Fish Diseases

Marine Topics - Marine Fish Diseases

White Spot (Cryptocarion irritans)Common Causes Of Disease

The cause of most disease in marine fishes and invertebrates is simply poor environmental factors i.e. poor water quality. On the whole marine fishes are extremely disease resistant, but when things go wrong in a marine system livestock can deteriorate rapidly.

How to Treat Sick Koi

Freshwater Fish - Koi

Koi are known to be quite hardy however this does not exempt them from being vulnerable to infectious organisms and parasites, especially when they are constantly subjected to stress or poor water conditions.

Here are some of the most common koi diseases, their causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention:

Big Fish for The Marine Aquarium!

Clown Trigger Fish (Balistoides conspicillum) One type of marine aquarium never fails to create a stir, the fish-only tank containing BIG fish! The sight of large slices of brightly coloured piscine flesh cruising around an equally spacious aquarium is enough to make anyone's heart beat a little quicker.


The Micro Shrimp Tank

Blood Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) Most of my regular readers will already be aware that, on the whole, I do not condone small marine tanks; that is, tanks with a nett volume of less than 20 gallons (91 litres). They are usually very unstable as far as water parameters are concerned and subsequently exert...


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