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Brown or Planaria Flatworms - Convolutriloba retrogemma

Marine Topics - Marine Pests

Brown or Planaria Flatworms  - Convolutriloba retrogemmaQuestion: How do you turn an aquarium brown, that was once full of colour?
Answer: Introduce a few brown flatworms!

As unlikely as this may sound to those who have no experience of this menace, it is alarmingly true. Although flatworms of this species are only a few millimetres in length they can reproduce both sexually and asexually, meaning that it takes only one specimen to ultimately infect a whole tank. Given the right conditions, the flatworms go for all out reproduction and soon cover literally everything that does not move, including rocks, glass, equipment, algae, corals and sand. Within months the sheer weight of numbers smothers sessile livestock to the point of destruction! Not a pleasant thought but if left unchecked the end result is a brown, lifeless mess.

Giant Elephant Ear Polyps - Rhodactis

Marine Topics - Marine Pests
Giant Elephant Ear Polyps - Rhodactis spp. These sedentary creatures are often regarded as beautiful and desirable invertebrates for the reef aquarium; but beware, there can be a high price to pay! Large polyps of this nature are highly predatory on fish and crustacea.

Lionfish | Pterois volitans

Marine Fish - Scorpionfish

Lionfish (Pterois volitans) The Volitans Lionfish is to me one of the most fascinating of marine fishes. They have an almost royal presence about them in almost any aquarium. If you like fish that swim all over the tank then this is not the fish for you, as they tend to be at home for hours in one spot without moving much at all (Usually they can be found perched on top of a plant or near the skimmer/water intake for your tanks filtration system).

Anemones - Flowers Of The Sea

Marine Invertebrates - Anemones
Anemone Stoichacti ssp.PHYLUM: CNIDARIA
Almost every enthusiastic marine hobbyist must be either keeping, or tempted to keep an anemone. Whether it be to give a natural home to clownfish or just the mere fascination of these undersea 'flowers', anemones have a special place in the heart of nearly all marinists.

Big Fish for The Marine Aquarium!

Clown Trigger Fish (Balistoides conspicillum) One type of marine aquarium never fails to create a stir, the fish-only tank containing BIG fish! The sight of large slices of brightly coloured piscine flesh cruising around an equally spacious aquarium is enough to make anyone's heart beat a little quicker.


The Micro Shrimp Tank

Blood Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) Most of my regular readers will already be aware that, on the whole, I do not condone small marine tanks; that is, tanks with a nett volume of less than 20 gallons (91 litres). They are usually very unstable as far as water parameters are concerned and subsequently exert...


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