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Harlequin Tuskfish | Choerodon fasciatus

Marine Fish - Wrasses

Harlequin Tusk Fish (Choerodon fasciatus) The harlequin tusk (Choerodon fasciatus) belongs to the family of wrasses. It has orange mottled bands. Each band is etched by delicate blue-violet ribbons. Anteriorly, between the orange bands is silvery-white, turning to dark grey-black posteriorly. With his or her (not to be sexist) big protruding tiger-like fangs, the tusk looks very menacing indeed, capable of doing harm to other tank mates. While this is true, it is the authors experience that the harlequin tusk is actually quite peaceful and does not bother other resident aquarium inhabitants. The tusk, however, does not accept undue punishment and is very capable of fending off an attacker.

Mantis Shrimp - Thumb Splitters

Marine Invertebrates - Shrimps
Mantis Shrimp In the sea a number of animals have earned the reputation of being harmful. Indeed, some denizens, such as sharks, stingrays, scorpionfish, sea snakes, and some jellyfish, can be potentially dangerous to swimmers or divers. In order to survive and reproduce, many sea creatures have evolved protective mechanisms against other predators. Some inject venom through biting or stinging, while others deliver electric shocks. Normally, the potential danger to man is minimal, but even small creatures can inflict severe wounds if mistreated. I learned this painful lesson one summer during a collecting dive in the Coral Sea.

Myth and Magic or Hard Facts?

Freshwater Topics - General
One of my correspondents has aroused the rage of one or two fishkeeping web surfers by remarking that no-one edits the information on the WWW. Of course it's not altogether true - the inestimable Mark keeps everything together on this site, and there are controllers of one type or another on most of the commercial server systems. Of course it was the corollary of that correspondent's remark, that there was a lot of wrong information on the Web, that raised hackles.

Lyretail Grouper | Variola louti

Marine Fish - Groupers

Lyretail Grouper  (Variola louti) With the opening of marine collection in the Red Sea, many organisms have become readily available which were previously too expensive for the average aquarist. It was just a few years back that a purple tang (Zebrasoma xanthurus), golden butterfly (Chaetodon semilarvatus), asfur angel (Arusetta asfur), or blue moon angelfish (Pomacanthus maculosas) would cost a few hundred dollars each. Such is no longer the case. I saw purple tangs from the Red Sea sold for about the same price as yellow tangs from Hawaii. This is a result of an increase in the number of Red Sea collecting stations and the development of adequate transport from them to livestock wholesalers. This situation is a real boon for aquarists, providing increased availability of many hardy and beautiful fish.

Big Fish for The Marine Aquarium!

Clown Trigger Fish (Balistoides conspicillum) One type of marine aquarium never fails to create a stir, the fish-only tank containing BIG fish! The sight of large slices of brightly coloured piscine flesh cruising around an equally spacious aquarium is enough to make anyone's heart beat a little quicker.


The Micro Shrimp Tank

Blood Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) Most of my regular readers will already be aware that, on the whole, I do not condone small marine tanks; that is, tanks with a nett volume of less than 20 gallons (91 litres). They are usually very unstable as far as water parameters are concerned and subsequently exert...


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